Treigledau yn Gymraeg

Mutations in Welsh

The beginning of a word can change (mutate) depending on what goes before. In Welsh there are three mutations:

1. Treiglad Meddal – soft.
Applies to words beginning with the letters T C P B G D Rh M Ll.

2. Treiglad Trwynol – nasal.
Applies to words beginning with T C P B G D.

3. Treiglad Llaes – aspirate.
Applies to words beginning with T C P.

Some people use rhymes to help them to remember which letters are affected. The one I learnt is: “TCP Blinking Good Disinfectant. Rhiannon Married Llewellyn.”

I like to compile my own crib sheets with information drawn from various sources. The one for mutations can be downloaded from the Document Download page or by clicking this link. I guess it does not contain every mutation possible.