Dodgy Internet Forms

T&MI noticed today when completing an online order with Thompson & Morgan that they were using what is, in my opinion, a dodgy form. The first three bullets are to tick if you DO NOT want that particular service. Many people, I am sure, then automatically tick the final bullet without thinking or reading the text. The problem is that if you tick that bullet point then you are agreeing to T&M sharing your data with other organisations.

Thompson and Morgan are certainly not alone in this but I find it slightly underhand.   I do understand that this way you have to give a positive response if you want to share  your data but surely it would be better if all 4 bullet points were consistent  to avoid people inadvertently signing up for something that they do not want especially when it is something as important as sharing data.

Either – tick the box if you DON’T WANT the service

Or – tick the box if you DO want the service.

  • By placing an order with us, you become a Thompson & Morgan customer, so we would like to continue sending our catalogue to you, giving you first sight of our new varieties. Please tick the box if you DO NOT want to receive them
  • As a Thompson & Morgan customer we would like to send you new variety previews, newsletters & exclusive special offers and discounts via email. Please tick this box if you DO NOT want to receive them
  • We would like to send you gardening-related offers by SMS.  Tick here if you DO NOT want to receive them
  • Tick here if YOU ARE HAPPY for us to share your data with other carefully selected & reputable organisations who will contact you via post