Do “Celebrities” live in a different world?

Brian Mcfadden, ex-member of boyband Westlife, has been fined for speeding. After the court hearing he said “I can’t believe I have got a six-month ban and a £453 fine for doing 39mph.” He complained in a tweet that his punishment was too severe in comparison to that handed out to a drink driver, which could be true – but two wrongs don’t make a right, as they say.

What he failed to point out initially was that this is his fourth penalty for speeding. but then tweeted:

Some people obviously never learn. But there has been a big response on Twitter from people trying to educate him about the dangers of speeding although I don’t think that he appreciates the advice

David Beckham has also been summonsed for speeding (in a borrowed Bentley apparently) but he has employed a lawyer,  known as Mr Loophole, to fight his case. He has accepted that he broke the speed limit but is challenging the case on a technicality. He is claiming that the legal notice informing him of the charge arrived too late and therefore was not valid. Mr Beckham was clocked driving at 59mph in a 40mph zone.

An interesting moral position.

Speed – it’s 30 for a reason

A third of deaths on the road are caused in part by excessive speed. It is very simple – the greater the speed at impact, the more damage you will do; to yourself, your vehicle and others. Through reducing your speed by 1 mph, the likelihood of you being involved in a serious crash falls by 5%.  When the unexpected occurs, a slower speed gives you a couple of extra moments to avoid or lessen the impact. Driving at or below the speed limit helps to protect yourself and other road users.

According to The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents:

Hit by a car at 40 mph, nine out of ten pedestrians will be killed.

Hit by a car at 30 mph, about half of pedestrians will be killed.

Hit by a car at 20 mph, nine out of ten pedestrians will survive.


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