Green Energy

31st January 2019 at 10.18.
A cold day in the UK today.
Not much sun. Not much wind.

The demand on the national grid is currently 47.32GW.
This is being met as follows:

Coal 11.5%
Nuclear 14.7%
Gas 51.4%
Wind 3.49%
Pumped storage 0.49%
Hydro 1.54%
Biofuel 5.6%
Solar 3.8%
Fr Interconnector 3.7%
Dutch Interconnector 0.95%
Irish Interconnector 0.36%
E-W Interconnector 0.19%

The Government has decided to close all coal powered power stations by 2025. How will we cope without them on cold, winter days in future?

In other news, I note that there has been a major gas find in the North Sea. Perhaps we should build a few more gas power stations to use this local source of energy.

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