Personal Pronouns in Welsh

Rhagenwau Personol

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Mutations sometimes follow the first part, as follows:

Mine is nasal (TT), Yours and his are soft (TM).

Hers is aspirational (TL), all the rest are not.

(I don’t know who made up this little ditty but thanks)

The second part is not always used.

Sometimes “fy” is replaced with “y”.


fy nghar imy carfy ngharu ilove me
dy gar diyour cardy garu dilove you
ei gar ehis carei garu elove him
ei char hiher carei charu hilove her
ein car niour carein caru nilove us
eich car chiyour careich caru chilove you
eu car nhwtheir careu caru nhwlove them


AfterSaesnegIn front ofSaesneg
ar fy ôl iafter meo fy mlaen iin front of me
ar dy ôl diafter youo dy flaen diin front of you
ar ei ôl eafter himo’i flaen ein front of him
ar ei hôl hiafter hero’i blaen hiin front of her
ar ein hôl niafter uso’n blaen niin front of us
ar eich ôl chiafter youo’ch blaen chiin front of you
ar eu hôl nhwafter themo’u blaen nhwin front of them


o fy nghwmpas iaround mear fy mhwys iin front of me
o dy gwmpas diaround youar dy bwys diin front of you
o ei gwmpas earound himar ei bwys ein front of him
o ei chwmpas hiaround herar ei phwys hiin front of her
o ein cwmpas niaround usar ein pwys niin front of us
o eich cwmpas chiaround youar eich pwys chiin front of you
o eu cwmpas nhwaround themar eu pwys nhwin front of them


For/in preparation forSaesnegFy hunan – myself 
ar fy nghyfer ifor mear fy mhen fy hunanon my own / by myself
ar dy gyfer difor youar dy ben dy hunanon your own
ar ei gyfer efor himar  ei ben ei hunanon his own
ar ei chyfer hifor herar ei phen ei hunanon her own
ar ein cyfer nifor usar ein pen ein hunainon our own
ar eich cyfer chifor youar eich pen eich hunan/hunainon your own
ar eu cyfer nhwfor themar eu pen eu hunainon their own
T Yn NhywynIn TywynTTT fy nheledumy televisionTT
C Yng NghaerdyddIn CardiffTTC fy ngharmy carTT
P Ym MhorthyrhydIn PorthyrhydTTP fy mhartimy partyTT
B Ym MangorIn BangorTTB fy machgenmy boyTT
G Yng NgarnswylltIn GarnswylltTTG fy ngŵrmy husbandTT
D Yn NinbychIn DynbychTTD fy nhadmy fatherTT


boddElement/delightedBod – that is / that wasthat are / that were
wrth fy moddin my element(fy) mod ithat I am / was
wrth dy foddin your element(dy) fod tithat you are / were
wrth ei foddin his element(ei) fod ethat he is / was
wrth boddin her element(ei) bod hithat she is /was
wrth ein boddin our element(ein) bod nithat we are / were
wrth  eich boddin your element(eich) bod chithat you are / were
wrth eu boddin their element(eu) bod nhwthat they are /were


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