Pethau Nadolig


Nadolig Llawen 1

One of the lists that I create occasionally to focus me in on a specific part of Welsh.

This one is about the Christmas season and consists of two pages. The first is a list of words. The second is me trying to be more creative.

I hope that you find them interesting.

Click on the link or go to the download document section by clicking the  DOCUMENT DOWNLOAD button above if you would like to download either of the sheets.

Rhestr Nadolig

Nadolig Llawen Happy/Merry Christmas
Cyfarchion Greetings
Cyfarchion y Tymor Season’s greetings
Cerdyn/Carden (Cardiau) Card
Stampiau crefyddol Religious stamps
Cyfarchion cynnes Warm greetings
Dymuniadau da Good wishes
Dymuniadau gorau Best wishes
Pob dymuniad da Every good wish
Gyda phob dymuniad da With every good wish
Pwdin Pudding
Twrci Turkey
Tatws Potatoes
Ysgewyll Brwsel Brussell sprouts
Moron Carrots
Cnau Nuts
Mins Peis Mince pies
Siocled Chocolate
Teisen/Cacen Nadolig Christmas cake
Coeden Nadolig Christmas Tree
Siôn Corn Father Christmas
Drama’r Geni The Nativity
Mair a Joseff Mary and Joseph
Brenin (Brenhinoedd) King(s)
Tri Gŵr Doeth (Y Doethion) Three Wise Men
Bugail (Bugeiliaid) Shepherd/s
Beudy Cattle shed
Gwartheg Cattle
Preseb Crib/manger
Crud Cradle
Seren Star
Y Ceidwad The Saviour
Tywysog Prince
Carw (Ceirw) Reindeer
Gaeaf Winter
Eira Sow
Dyn eira Snowman
Caseg eira Snowball
Dathlu Celebrate
Teulu Family
Anrheg Present
Hosan Nadolig Christmas stocking
Addurn Nadolig Christmas decoration
Uchelwydd Mistletoe
Celyn Holly
Iorwg Ivy
Adfent Advent
Dyn ni ar drothwy’r Nadolig We  are on the threshold of Chrsistmas (SSiW)
Noswyl Nadolig Christmas Eve
Dydd Nadolig Christmas Day
Gŵyl San Steffan Boxing Day
Nos Galan New Year’s Eve
Dydd Calan New Year’s Day
Blwyddyn Newydd Dda Happy New Year

Christmas Tree

Aur – Gold
Iorwg – Ivy
Seren – Star
Celyn – Holly
Crud – Cradle
Myrr – Myrrh
Asyn – Donkey
Gwartheg – Cattle
Carol(au) – Carol(s)
Thus – Frankincense
Beudy – Cattle Shed
Dathlu – To celebrate
Preseb – Crib/Manger
Dathliad – Celebration
Uchelwydd – Mistletoe
Carw (Ceirw) – Reindeer
Anrheg(ion) – Present(s)
Drama’r Geni – The Nativity
Siôn Corn – Father Christmas
Dydd Nadolig – Christmas Day
Gŵyl San Steffan – Boxing Day
Brenin (Brenhinoedd) – King(s)
Noswyl Nadolig – Christmas Eve
Bugail (Bugeiliaid) – Shepherd(s)
Cerdyn/Carden (Cardiau) – Card(s)
Hosan Nadolig – Christmas Stocking
Teisen/Cacen Nadolig – Christmas Cake
Nadolig Llawen – Happy/Merry Christmas
Tri Gŵr Doeth (Y Doethion) – Three Wise Men
Addurn(au) Nadolig – Christmas Decoration(s)
Golau (Goleuadau) Nadolig – Christmas Light(s)
Coeden Nadolig – Christmas Tree

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